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Sound Expertise

  • We are experienced in mass production for PV ingots, wafers, cells and modules!
  • We are independent from Equipment and Turn-key line suppliers!
  • We know what needs to be planned, built, ordered and organized in order to meet the demands of share-holders and investors and guarantee them a good and profitable production-line!
  • Almost all the experts and managing directors of the PVExperts members have worked in PV or PV-like production companies themselves, and, as customers, have built many production-lines, put them into operation, and optimized throughput and yield!
  • We have extensive production experience with most kinds of production facilities and are therefore able to judge equipment suppliers objectively, and we know the tips and tricks necessary to improve performance!
  • This gives us a crucial advantage over both small and large engineering companies who are only active in engineering.
  • We know what good machine specification and buffer planning has to look like in order to guarantee optimal material flow in the longest possible running time (up time)!
  • We can put together a team of experts for any requirement and any project and do not try to sell know-how and experience we do not have!
  • The partner companies associated in the PVExperts network are admitted from the Members because of there shown quality, reliability and successful collaboration in joint projects!
  • We have a good overview of the specialists who are currently available for temporary involvement in the customer‘s lines, on problem solving, training employees and implementing debugging and optimization projects!
  • We can put PV newcomers in contact with suppliers, customers and certification authorities and give reliable advice on good, commercially available purchasing and sales conditions!