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Foundation of PV Experts

Competency & Know-how

Triggered by the need for independent consulting that can cover the complete value chain of the PV-market a group of leading consulting and planning offices met for a constituting workshop at the Photon in Munich March 2009.

“The concept to combine several highly-specialized consultancies for the PV-market was a new and inspiring idea”, said co-initiator and co-founder of the network, Thomas Schmidt.

The network immediately prompted manufactures and investors to value the Know-how and independency which lead to significant advantages in this consolidating market.
Precision and detailed knowledge of the value chain can lead a way through the current harsh market environment. All too often the so called “turn key”-fabs don’t hold what has been promised. The way to a stable production process can be a long and pebbly road.

PV Experts, leading partner for planning and construction of new fabs and support for your strategic and technological road map as well as auditor for cell, thin film and module production.

Three columns form the strong base of the PV Experts portfolio: Technology and production, market and strategy, products and innovation.