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Thomas Schmidt

Managing Director of Thomas Schmidt Consultants GmbH and Chairman of the PVExperts e.V.

After a technical apprenticeship at Siemens, Thomas Schmidt worked at the Heinrich Hertz Institute, the Fraunhofer Institute for news technology in Berlin. In 1985 he set up Ultra Tube GmbH in Berlin, where he was Technical Managing Director. In 1996 he switched to Dräger Tescom GmbH in Lübeck as Sales and Marketing Manager, and in 2001 became General Manager at Kinetics Germany GmbH in Hobbach.

From October 2003 he was been at Q-Cells Thalheim, where he was appointed to the Board in April 2004 with responsibility for Production, Supply Chain Management, Quality Management and Safety / Technical Services until September 2007. In his responsibility extend Q-Cells in this years the production capacity of about 600 MWp. From October 2007 until May 2008 he was for Q-Cells in charge of the operations organisation from CSG AG (Thin Film Module Technology). From December 2008 until April 2013 he worked as independent consultant and founder of the TST-C Thomas Schmidt Consultants GmbH until their stop of business in April 2013. Since June 2013 he is Managing Director of the new founded Thomas Schmidt Consultants GmbH in Potsdam

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