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Yakov Safir

RAcell ApS

Since graduation in 1981 from the Technical University of Denmark with M.Sc. in Physics and Ph.D. studies focusing on ultra shallow semiconductor PN junctions, he became a scientist, associate professor and industrialist. He made the very first cells and modules in Scandinavia in 1982 and has since been manager for several international R&D projects in collaboration with well known universities and industrial partners focusing on silicon, intelligent cells- and modules.

He has differentiated from others by developing innovative processing methods that exclude the hazardous chemicals normally used in the semiconductor industry. His company RAcell of 1989 started the first cell production line in Scandinavia. RAcell’s industrial production gave way to optimised production processes and to building advanced production equipment and to several patents providing cost effective, non-polluting methods for producing advanced semiconductor and PV products.

He has developed several turnkey production lines. Lately RAcell delivered a 70MW turnkey line with the world’s largest laminator built by his patents. In 2009 he is starting a new cell production line for advanced cells with built-in sensors.

His companies have produced several spectacular architectural PV systems demonstrating the full interaction from feedstock & UMG Si to advanced fully integrated PV systems.

Yakov Safir has also developed and managed large infrastructure projects in Africa and Asia, in particular one project supporting more than 500.000 people with drinking water and health clinics. Further more he has been the leading consultant for Governments, Institutions and International Utility companies, setting up national strategies for PV roadmaps.

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